Marias NOTES on How to Get Richer in Life

Maria Bunyemen in the old Bank Hall of the Swedish Parliament.

On this site I, Maria Bunyemen, open up some of my notes on how to get richer in life and share these with you. So far in life I believe that I have followed my believes and realized many of my dreams, optimizing my wealth in all its glories and not only in terms of money.

I am, and feel, very rich, blessed and grateful to live my life here on earth, and I look forward to be surprised by life with all the next upcoming chapters.

With my notes here on this site, I hope to help you navigate so you start Shaking Your Own Moneymaker, namely YOURSELF, and thereby start, or continue to, get richer in life.

So, let’s start of with this fact of mine: is richness only measured in monetary terms? I say no, richness is so much more. And on this site I will make some of my notes available to you, taking you on a journey, post by post, for you to access your resources and start shaking your own moneymaker.

I am all about value optimizing in my own life, always following my own flow no matter what. I decide my frames and labels, own my truth, and do not care or give much about others’ opinions on how to live life. I believe that my life is given to me for the best reasons and that I am fully equipped to know how to live it in line with what is there for me to have, to get, to give and to enjoy!

Most of my life I have heard others say that I do things differently. SO true. I am an Economist who started to dance ballet as a 35-year-old and started to paint beautiful art about that age.

I also started my first business as a 7-year-old, handcrafting jewelry, and granting all the profits to children in need. Since then I have graduated with a Masters Degree of Science in Economics studied for in Sweden and California USA.

Besides working in various family businesses, I have also amongst others worked as an advisor and expert on the Swedish Economic and Financial Policies such as the State Budget and Tax system, and with public relations in the Swedish Parliament. I have also held Art Vernissages of my art in the Swedish Parliament and the Castle Stockholm, to name a few.

Recently I started my corporation group, in my dear hometown Lidköping by the lake Vänerns in Sweden, Marias Golden Eagle Group AB, which is all about value optimization in different forms and through various online services and products.

Within the corporation group, you find four firms, or players of value optimization as I love to call them: Liongate Properties, Joyride Publishing & Art Design, GMAConsulting, and iAO intelligence by Asterios Treasury Optimization.

Besides enjoying and taking something interesting for you with you from the notes that I share here,

Maybe one or several of my firms might be useful for you or a friend of yours, if you are looking for any of the below:+

  • Online surveys and other Market Research and Analyses then the Economic & Financial Consulting services from GMAConsulting may be useful to you
  • Housing to rent, or have a property to sell, then go to the Liongate Properties webpage
  • Executive Leardershipcoaching, then the online coaching program at the iAO is something for you to look into
  • Books and colorful Art, then take a visit to the Joyride Publishing & Art Designs online bookstore & art gallery