The Pleasure of the News

When you decide upon doing something, or investing in (or saying no to) for example a: new job, certain education, car, house, relationship, etc, what do you include in your “yes or no” profile before actually making up your mind on it?

Here is a strong tool to use and include. Ask yourself the following:

Will, you still be
1) happy and glad about,
2) at peace with, and/or
3) stable in (no regrets),
your decision once the Pleasure of the News fades?

If your answer is Yes to at least two of the above, then you have a good assenting indicator to add to your decision base under the decision profile: YES to…And the other way around in case your answer is No to at least two of the above.

Best of luck!

Ps. The art you see is called All light up, and you can get it here.