True Colors

Submitted my drafts and thoughts on my companies logo design. The designer working on it really got my ideas and turned them into a powerful logo. And with my final edits, I look forward to seeing what the result will look like next time I see it which will be close to, or the actual, end result.

It is important to me that my true colors of value optimization shine through it. My corporation group, Marias Golden Eagle Group AB is all about value optimization. Within it, I have founded four companies, all operating with value optimization at their core, yet in different ways, through different services and products.

Exiting times.

Do you think of your true colors? How do you let them shine in your life and profession?

If you are a leader, executive, or other high position, in need of a coach that will make you bring your true colors to life, helping you raise your profits then contact me at
You can also read more at the iAO.

Ps. The art you see is called B. You can get it here.