Sneak Peek

I am currently writing on my next book on Economy & Leadership. It is gonna be so great, I feel it. Each time I write, I get all excited. And in between writing sessions, I long to sit in front of my computer and get those notes out of my head and into writing for you to read one day.

Today I am giving you a special gift. Today I will share with you all a paragraph that I have written. It is still a work in progress, and I have never let the public in on any of my writing while still in progress before. By the time my book comes out, this craftmanship of mine might still be in it, and maybe it is not, which makes this sneak peek all more special. Either way, today you get to look into it and think of my message and knowledge shared with you

Here it is:

“Would you rather wear silk, cotton, linen, or wool instead of materials made out of for example plastic bottles? In a perfect scenario, I choose breathable materials any time and any day of the week, but even my wardrobe is filled with clothes made out of non-breathable and maybe even not healthy materials. Why that is, is a whole nother story. And yes, reusing materials, for example, plastic bottles can be good for the climate. But do they need to pop up in our clothes? “

Ps. The art you see is called Fly. You can get it here.