Live like there IS a tomorrow

Honor yourself and your life by living like there IS a tomorrow because most likely there is another day for you to enjoy. I could write an entire book about this topic. For now, I will give you a shortlist to guide yourself with. Ready? Here we go:

  1. Be aware of your actions, sayings, thoughts, and emotions. If you feel that you are on the right track then keep on. If not, start looking into how you can get on track!

    Being on track will give you valuable returns to enjoy, both at the moment when feeling that you are being truthful to yourself. And also in the time to come through unexpected and valuable rates of returns on the investments of being you that you will give yourself today. So if only for that reason alone; do live like there is a tomorrow!

  2. Save money if you can. If you can budget savings for specific goals please do that.

    Most importantly though, if you can budget savings for unexpected needs and wants, then start your savings by making room for such savings in your accounts! You will thank yourself every time you enjoy both the knowledge of having that extra money available. And trust me, you will thank yourself also every time you actually do activate the amount needed, easy access to you from your own accounts! How good is that!

  3. If you are not enjoying good times right now, know tomorrow comes and hopefully the new day has better things for you in it. Keep your faith and hopes up that you are worth to enjoy and be happy in your life. Always!

  4. If you are happy today or not, do not spoil your life by doing things that you actually do not really want to do, but thinking that you live as if there is no tomorrow would erase your good judgment about consequences and such.

    Also, remember that doing the right things for you does not mean to do boring or uncool things. On the contrary! You just have to find your cool right things!

I do understand thought that many mean that the concept of living like there is no tomorrow means to enjoy today. I say though: enjoy today, the moment and know that there is more good to come; tomorrow and the days after.

Have fun :)!

Ps. The art you see is called Backbone. You can get it here.